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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of the same questions from clients inquiring about services. We thought we’d save you time and answer a few here!

  • While we don’t serve a traditional style buffet, we think the alternatives we came up with are even better! With Family Style, guests have a personal buffet brought directly to their table. Guests don’t have to wait in line, the food is served fresh, and they still get to choose their own portion sizes. A win-win! Roaming Dinner is another great option for those looking for a buffet concept. With Roaming Dinner, guests can roam and mingle on hand-helds and small plates throughout the event. Food is served fresh and we’ll keep it replenished often.

  • We do! Here at Partage, we call this Butler Style. It’s a marriage of family style with plated. Guests choose their entree ahead of time and our staff delivers each plate to your guests with food that is hot and cooked fresh, right on-site. It provides a formal atmosphere for your event and is best suited for unrushed dinner receptions.

  • This all depends on the feel you’re trying to create! See our catering page for more detail on each style. Our quick answer: Family Style serves your guests the quickest and creates a communal, family-like feel. Butler Style gives a formal and slower, unrushed atmosphere. Roaming Dinner is the most casual, giving ample flexibility for guests to roam and mingle.

  • Yes and no. The food truck is our mobile kitchen. While we do bring the food truck to the public a few times throughout the year, most of the time it functions as our mobile kitchen for events! That being said, if you want your guests to have the experience of coming up to the food truck and ordering their food, we can incorporate that into a catering package and have you select food from the food truck menu. The most popular option is to add on Late Night Snacks to a catering package and have those served out of the Food Truck. 

  • We’ve got you covered! We offer a “No Cocktail Hour Needed” catering package. We are a full service catering company. So while we do not provide a-la-carte items, we do have a catering package for this scenario. Please contact us for more details.

  • What sets us apart is our attention to detail and our priority for not only high quality products, but high quality service. We want each guest to have an amazing experience, and each team member is there to help achieve this goal. For our products, we don’t hot-hold food for hours. We fire it fresh on site, giving you the freshest results. We develop a menu that best fits your vision for the event.

  • Chef Jason is classically trained in French-American cuisine with flares of different cultural fusion. We excel in crafting elevated dishes, while emphasizing both taste and presentation.

  • Absolutely! Chef Jason is trained and experienced when it comes to navigating both food allergies and dietary restrictions. For our vegan/vegetarian guests, main entree substitutions are free of charge for 10 or less guests. There is a slight upcharge for 11 and up. 

  • Yes! We can serve your breakfast or brunch event! We take this on a case-by-case basis depending on your event needs and our capacity during the time of your event. Please reach out and give us all the details! Chef Jason will then curate a proposal for your event.

  • We do not hold a liquor license, so, unfortunately, we are unable to do any bartending, opening, pouring, setting, or clearing of barware.

  • If you don’t see a food menu item you were hoping for, ask us and we’ll see what we can do!

  • After you’ve received your Personalized Proposal, you are welcome to request a tasting. We would love to have a conversation to see if this is a good fit based on our already scheduled events, tasting schedule, and your needs!

  • Absolutely! We’ve done events all over Michigan. Travel fees are based on your event’s distance from Grand Rapids and the operating costs required for your menu, headcount, etc. You will receive an exact cost on your proposal.

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