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corporate event catering

a curated catering experience

Corporate events should be celebrated, enjoyed, and remembered by all. The most memorable aspect of a corporate event is the food. Events with culinary masterpieces from Partage will be remembered by business partners, employees, and guests for years to come.


Whether you need catering for a large client appreciation event or a small, employee-centered celebration, Partage has a diverse range of catering services that will keep your peers in good spirits. Our approach to catering services in Michigan is inspired by our love of good food and our desire to share it amongst good people. Menus are completely customizable, pulled together with your specific tastes in mind. Let us make your corporate event unforgettable.

Chef-led action station.

Full Service Catering

We'll take care of it all! See our full service catering package options below.

gather together 

Locally sourced ingredients.

A Partage favorite that allows a nostalgic feeling of eating around the dinner table with friends and colleagues. Dinner is served fresh at the table either in classic Dutch ovens or on beautiful raw-edge wood platters. Your guests are served in record-time and able to control their portion sizes and food selections. ​


Family style provides guests the opportunity for lively conversation and interaction around the table while enjoying a familial food-centered feeling. It creates a comfortable, family-like atmosphere where people find themselves in easy conversation and unrushed space to savor their meal.


Base package includes:

  • Choice of grazing table or 3 small bites for cocktail hour

  • Artisan bread & salad

  • One family style main entrée


We love creating organic meals.

Ample amounts of handhelds or small plated food is displayed at self serve stations. This is an ongoing dinner that allows guests to choose what, when, and how much they’d like to enjoy from your custom created menu. Dinner is kept fresh and replenished throughout the evening. Guests enjoy their entrée being cook and/or carved hot and fresh. This unique chef experience sets the event apart.


The roaming dinner creates a casual atmosphere that allows guests to roam and mingle throughout the evening, with no need to remain seated for your meal. Food is presented in an aesthetically pleasing display, with the grazing table being the recommended centerpiece for cocktail hour. This is a great choice for those wanting a less structured event or those wanting more freedom to socialize. 


Base package options include:

  • Package A

    • Cocktail hour: grazing tables​

    • Dinner: 4 small bites

  • Package B

    • Cocktail hour: grazing table or 3 small bites​

    • Dinner: 1 action station and 2 small bites


Customizable catering packages.

Curated Chef Experiences

Curated chef experiences for parties of 6–30 are completely customizable, delicious, and fun. Our team works alongside you to craft the menu (nutritionally sound and allergy aware) and select the services to feed you and your people an exceptional local, organic, and handmade meal. This catering package is ideal for corporate events that need to make a positive and lasting impression. 

Delight your guests. 

Mobile Kitchen

Our food truck is often used to cater late-night snacks or to create super-fresh meals for guests at corporate events. You can learn more about our mobile kitchen here.

We use seasonal ingredients.

Sample Menu Items

  • Grazing table with premium meats, cheese, crackers, jams, spread, bread, mini sandwiches, mini lettuce cups, premium chocolates, specialty olives, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and hummus.

  • Food truck snacks like pozole rojo tacos or a stone-fired pizza station.

  • Vegan cocktail hour small bites like buffalo cauliflower waffle cones or smoked tomato soup shooter with a fig brie sandwich skewer.

  • Family-style artisan bread and panzanella salad: mixed greens with roasted tomato, parmesan, handmade croutons, white beans, and balsamic dressing.

  • Roaming dinner with butter rum shrimp with pesto and caramelized onion, fig jam, and triple cream brie flatbread pizza with micro greens.

“I recently attended a party catered by Partage and was blown away by how delicious everything was. It’s been a couple days, and I’m still thinking about the chicken and waffles so much I had to Google this company to see if there was a way to get my hands on some more.”

Heather L.

“I want to host more events, just so I can eat their food! Everything was absolutely superb! I never had to question anything, micro manage or even worry. They handled everything beautifully! They were also extremely kind in making sure that every person with a food allergy had an equivalent deliciousness. Every meal was mouth watering, but if I were forced to pick my absolute favorite it would be the Chicken Cacciatore. FIVE STARS!”

Mary-Catheryn B.

“So I don’t really care about food and am far from a foodie. I just try to eat healthy. Eating a multiple course meal would be last on my list of ideal things to do. However, honestly my perspective has changed after eating a meal made by this chef! It was delicious, healthy, unique, and by far one of the best meals I have ever had! Such a fun guy who was easy to be around, fun and had some great tips and information about our food! I recommend to everyone!”

Erin M.

“Omg! We had the opportunity to eat their food tonight and it was AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend them for absolutely any occasion!”

Jeri M.

“We had the most incredible experience with Partage! They provided a full day experience and curated a menu for our wedding elopement celebration! Jason was on site at our wedding venue for over 12 hours creating culinary masterpieces that were beyond our wildest dreams.”

Jeannene Lillie J.

"Chef Jason prefers the food to be prepared as close to consumption as possible to maintain superior freshness and quality. The food was executed to perfection: golden roasted chicken with truffled risotto and roasted squash, fork-tender braised beef with a port creme sauce and roasted vegetables, and a gluten-free, vegan dish my veg-head friends will NOT stop raving about."

Chef E.J. Martin

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