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Jason and Kate McClearen, owners of The Everyday Chef & Wife, have announced they will rename their growing catering and personal chef business to Partage. The new name is from the French word partager, meaning “to share.” It honors the company’s growing, passionate team and its continued focus on sharing organic, handmade cuisine with communities throughout West Michigan. 


“This new name recognizes the team of support alongside the ‘chef’ and the ‘wife,’” noted Kate McClearan. “Our dedicated team members allow us to give more, create more, share more – and we’re thrilled that what began as a family-centered dining experience has grown to include a 20-person team and the wider community.” 


The husband and wife duo will also open a new Partage storefront in the former Cherry Deli in Grand Rapids’ East Hills neighborhood. Construction has already begun and will be completed in 2023. The space will include a small cafe and feature coffee and grab-and-go food items. It will also include a central kitchen that the Partage team will utilize to service the food truck, catering, and personal chef facets of their business. 


“This location is in the heart of the communities we serve,” noted Jason McClearen. “And it gives us the opportunity to meet and to build relationships with our neighbors. This is what we love so much about our business, and what we look forward to continuing on Cherry Street, too.” 


The Everyday Chef & Wife was established in 2015 by Chef Jason McClearen and Kate McClearen. It has grown to include a food truck, catering, personal chef services, and now a brick and mortar storefront. The team uses organic, locally-sourced ingredients and makes meals from scratch whenever possible, focusing on intentional and curated food experiences.  

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