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our philosophy

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building community with organic, handmade cuisine

The Partage experience includes catering, takeout meals, personal chef services, and now a brick and mortar storefront. Our new location is currently under construction in the East Hills neighborhood (formerly Cherry Deli). The space will include a small cafe and feature coffee and grab-and-go food items.

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sharing the best we have with each other

Partage (par•taj) is from the French word partager, meaning “to share.” The name reflects our passion for great food shared with great people and honors our growing, passionate team. Read our full announcement here.

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a curated chef experience.

our services





behind the apron

Partage is a project by Jason and Kate McClearen, also known as The Everyday Chef and Wife. Jason and Kate are passionate about using organic, locally-sourced ingredients to create intentional and curated food experiences. They're thrilled that what began as a family-centered dining experience has expanded to include an amazing team and the wider community. 

thanksgiving meal kits

available for pre-order now

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